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Caledonia Portfolio Builders Ltd offers authentic and personal property investment options.


We have an unrivaled system, structure, and network in our local area.


We are good at what we do, so we confidently offer personal guarantees that no other property investment company can.


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Our Co-Founders

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David Wright

I have 2 passions. Family and work. Property has given me a lifestyle that many strive to have. I have assets of several million with no borrowings. I don't need to work but I choose to.

I also have 6 sons. My eldest Adam has joined me in the business, and it got me thinking about their future. So we started CPB Ltd to help him and my other sons, and also to build mutually beneficial relationships with people who would like to increase their options through property.

In many ways property will never change but how we facilitate that to turn it into profit has. My goal is to provide a select network of people with the safest and most secure property investment options in the UK. So I’d like to invite people with similar passions and with a motivation to better their position to come and talk to us. Look forward to speaking with you

Adam Wright

For as long as I can remember, I have been around property and developments my entire life. I was born with a passion for property and ive got my Dad to thank for that.


I started off with the basics, I worked as a letting agent for a few years and then progressed onto be a successful Estate agent in the East End of Glasgow and Ayrshire. I then progressed even further into a business development role which is around about the time we decided to create Caledonia Portfolio Builders.


This allowed me to gain a great understanding of the industry and build my portfolio on the side. All before I was 21!


I am a great example of the misconception of not being able to invest until later in life, and I’d love to chat if you are a young entrepreneur looking to get into the property industry.

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We are the only investment company that offers a Personal Guarantee!
Investing with Caledonia couldn’t be safer! Don’t believe us?