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Stay in control with 100% ownership

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Are you simply just looking for off-market properties that you can have complete control of?

Look no further, at Caledonia we have the perfect deal waiting for you. We have access to multiple property acquisition businesses that allows us to find properties the match your criteria.

We can support you and help structure a successful, high yielding portfolio.


Check out all our live investment opportunities here

Hands on or Hands off, we can help scale up your Buy-to-Let portfolio either way.

If you are looking for a completely hands-off investment, our trades business and Letting/Estate agency can take care of the whole process. This method particularly suits our investors invest out with Scotland.

Our Letting/Estate agencies, Solicitors, Mortgage advisors and team of builders will become part of your close network!


Our “Mentees” in the investor club are offered the properties before the property goes live on our website.

Find out more about the investor club here! 

Due Diligence


1. Ask to speak to one of our established landlords or investors


2. Check us out on company’s house

3. Come and visit us at our offices or on site.