Real and genuine property mentorship


Annually, I offer to mentor 5-10 people.


I have a 100% success in helping people generate life changing income from property investment.

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But it’s not for everyone

You’ll need…

1. A decent credit history


2. Access to deposit funds or be prepared to leverage


3. A willingness to work with me personally for 12 months


4. The correct mindset – This is Important, we are not mindset gurus.


5. Willing to work with our network of professionals or have your own in place

Successful applicants will be admitted to the “Caledonia Investor Club”. You will be offered all new investment opportunities first before they go live on our website.


We offer you a FREE initial consultation.


We offer a 12 month mentorship for £5000


We offer unlimited access to our network and we will look to give you all the property education and support you require.


Your first property has no fees, but properties after that carry a 2% of PP fee min £750.


If you think its not for you within the first 3 months, we will refund you £1000 and cancel your membership.

Not ready yet? Starting out or starting young?

Planning is the key to success!


We offer a 6-month “Pre-Mentorship” for £1000 initial fee and a further £50 for any follow up meetings.


The market may not be ready for you.


Many young people lose the opportunity to become a landlord by not planning properly.


They would however be wise to prepare for when they can lend.


We will help you prepare for investing, introduce you to our network and show you what its like to be a genuine property professional.


We will also half your first fee!

Mentees will have access to all areas before they begin


After our initial meeting, you will have access to our offices, sites, projects and development sites.