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Qualifying Criteria

Good Credit History (We offer a credit repair service – FEE)


Deposit funds or applied Leverage


Understanding of the Property Market


Understand that we only offer properties in Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire


Willing to work with our network of professionals or have you own in place


Desire to build a 2-10 property portfolio over a 12 month to 5 year period


We offer you a FREE initial consultation.


We offer a 12 month mentorship for £5000


We offer unlimited access to our network and we will look to give you all the property education and support you require.


Refunds – If we do not offer you a property, we will refund you £1000


Your first property has no fees, but properties after that carry a 2% of PP fee min £750.


You can leave at any time cancelling your membership.

16-23 Year Olds

We do not believe the lending market allows most 16-23 year olds to borrow sufficiently for them to build a successful portfolio.


They would however be wise to prepare for when they can lend.


Many young people lose the opportunity to become a landlord by not planning properly.


We offer a 12 month junior mentorship for £1000 initial fee and further £50 for any follow up meetings (1 hr per meeting)