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System Explained

System Explained

1. Initial Consultation (Free)

2. Bespoke Investment plan.

3. Introduction to network.

4. Properties offered.

5. Property purchased (cashflow or resell).

6. You have 100% control and ownership.

7. Full support for 12 months

How we do it


We have 34 years trading experience


We only operate in the areas we have premises


We own letting agencies


We own a building company


We restrict membership


We have contracts with liquidators


We have an established network

The Secret of the Portfolio Building Sweet Spot

So many people search tirelessly for the answer for property wealth and financial freedom. The truth is that there is no individual model that can guarantee success even for the most savvy and affluent of investors. Property is a constantly changing market and you must move with it to be successful.
You can build a safe protected portfolio over a number of years. The quicker you want to grow the more you spread yourself too thin which produces risk. You will get to where you need to go with the correct strategy however, what is the safety net?

When things do not go the way you planned you will need money (sometimes not the banks money) to get you through it. 

For stainable, profitable long term property success you must consider the following.


1. Time versus money. Focus where the actual business is – not virtual property dreams.

2. Portfolio Protection. Family and other benefactors who may have a claim on your estate.

3. Capital appreciation Versus Net Yield

4. Flexibility

5. Cashflow

6. Willingness to do it

So, the SWEET SPOT is a mix of high yielding smaller properties that produce cashflow mixed with a few properties that are in high growth areas that can be disposed of or refinanced when and if required.


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